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You can find a number of lists where hand mixers brands are scored. With these user reviews, consumers can quickly make up their minds what to look for on their hand mixers so we will be showing you the five top hand mixers rated by users.

1.Kitchenaid Mixer KHM926CU
This 9 speed mixer is sold with an accessory pack of extra attachments including dough hook, egg beater whisk, and a batter beater. This mixer is produced in silver and black colors that will match any cooking area. This product's controlled thru a touch pad wherein users could switch the settings easily via sunbeam mixer cover its digital display. You'll find it at 99.00 in most shops and is built to run with a 250 wattage motor. The majority of stores offer this at 32.49. Users can conveniently switch beater having its eject button and could be run using its burst of power button.

2. It runs using a 250 wattage motor providing six speed controls and is made available in black color. This model type comes with 3 options; chrome beater, dough hook, and a whisk.

3. Cuisinart HM-70
Cuisinart HM-70 mixer, the top 3 in the list. It operates at 220 motor wattage. It offers 7 speed controls for users. Only available in white color but is the power advantage model. It Is 61.41 in most outlets . The Cuisinart HM-70 Hand Mixer offers extra long beaters and a beater eject button.

4. Cuisinart Sugared Plum Power Advantage
Cuisinart Sugared Plum Power Advantage has power wattage of 220. The Cuisinart Sugared Plum Power Advantage Hand Mixer has longer than usual beaters and at the same time provides side controls. It can be purchased at 50.00 at the majority of outlets. The swiveling wire allows for left or right handed use. In a nice plum shade.

5. Kitchenaid Mixer KHM9260B
The soft grip handles makes it comfortable and easy for users. Instant switching between beaters using its eject button and are sold in most stores at 99.00. This model type can be purchased in color black. This brand offers a locking swivel cord along with accessories.

Product reviews for other hand models (2012)

On a score of 1-10 listed below are the finest hand mixers based on:

Speeds/Weight/ Beater Intensity/Hand grip/Accessories/Beater Intensity/Motor wattage/Selling price

Rated Best Value - Hamilton Beach 62676 8.5 rating
Top hand mixer reviews feature the different models of Hamilton Beach. Known as one of the favourites among consumers. Its motor operates not as loud as others but no less powerful as compared to best models.

Rated Best Quality -
This mixer's slow gentle setting minimizes splattering and is ranked at 8.5 by most users. This is perfect for bakers! Cuisinart HM - 70It likewise has a convenient base that enables you to rest it hands free. To prevent drips, do this over a bowl.

best best stand mixer 2013 Rated Best Budget Award -

Proctor Silex 62535
Clogging is kept with Proctor Silex 62535’s big beaters. Love its easy grip and powerful motor and get to choose from a whisk, dough hook and batter beater. Almost all reviews talk about 7 out of 10 points for Kitchenaid mixers. Shoppers may choose between either red, black, and a bold white color. Rests on its heel and the Kitchenaid Mixers offers 5 different speed controls. Having quiet motor it does a wonderful job.

See and examine each brand as you go and find the best hand mixer. Carry them, test them out, sense how heavy and how comfortable they may be for usage. They do not all weigh the same.

If you bake and cook a lot, then you may want to choose a mixer with less weight. Don’t forget to evaluate the various functions provided the various models as well. Consider your needs.

Would side settings be better for you or would a retractable cord be be more ideal?
Consider all the factors talked about if you want to make your purchase worthy and make the most out of your appliance. If you bake and cook often, then you may want to choose a hand mixer with a lighter weight. Don’t forget to evaluate the different features made available the different brands in the process. Consider your needs. Consider whether you would like to use one with retractable cord or side controls for easier use instead? Never forget, you'll have this hand mixer for a long time and so don't hurry your choice.