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Light & Land has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with the National Trust and right after numerous one day photography workshops in a few of the Trust's outstanding properties in the south of England, Light & Land is happy to announce further one day workshops in lots of their properties throughout the UK.

With regards to one-day photography workshops, there's no other name that comes up in our mind than The National Trust. Thus, selecting their excellent modern study centers for Light & Land, plus tasty meals and refreshments is the best option for us.

Due to Charlie's presentation to the National Trust a couple of years back, we have been able to secure their approval and welcome for the arrival of the Light & Land photographers. We are nothing but very proud to represent the National Trust oak leaf cluster logo, which is available and can be viewed on our site. We are also excited into workshops to any properties and spots.

One of the benefits that we acquired whilst working with the Trust is the outstanding gardens and architectures that we seen in their properties, which present potential photographers ideas and inspiration without needing to walk through miles and strenuous climbs.

Painters and photographers can feast on the many outstanding elements to be found in a National Trust property. From Wonderful lakes fringed by splendid mature trees along with flowers as well as flowering shrubs which give much opportunity to the creative photographer. You can see a lot of water covering; almost all of their properties that will definitely make photographers fall madly in love this type of scenery.

Light & Land has these courses where you can see beautiful sceneries around the globe, among these areas are in National Trust. What's more, you'll get to see exactly how Light & Land manages to carry out some great and educational workshops and tours.

It is hard to capture pictures that involve all the required elements such as technical potential minefield of grasping the triumvirate relationship between aperture, shutter and ISO. Because of this, our workshops always tackles the photographers summary or their objective before the program ends.

This workshop offers ways for amateurs and newbies as well as to semi advanced photographers. Advanced photographers don't need to worry though as they also provide various days of workshops for those who are much more experienced than the others. For any probable occurrences, the Light & Land leaders will always be there to serve and help you. The day will end with a constructing and fun imaging program making use of the images brought by each of the photographers.

To expand your interest in photography as well as know how camera works is the main purpose of our photography workshop which is partnered with the National.

We do hope you may come and join us as together Light & Land and the National Trust look forward to welcoming you to several of the best properties and landscapes in the UK.

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