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Full Max Workout Routine For a Lean and Toned Body

This workout routine is absolutely going to make a number of you sweat buckets! It had been originally created by me previously being a video on my small YouTube page, however nowadays I made a decision to step up a notch. So look at this the version 2.0 of Full Max.

max workouts - It's meant to replace your traditional, boring cardio that a few of you merely can not seem to get enough off. OK maybe that doesn't apply to all of you, but seriously... a number of you need to then add imagination in your workouts.

This would end one of the 5 top complaints I recieve > "Working out is boring... How do I make it fun?". Should this happen to you personally, you will want to fire up that imagination some out and attempt out new combination until you develop something which befits you being a glove.

Variety is paramount to life baby! Ok, returning to my routine.

OK so first, you'll need a few things. They aren't absolutely necessary but are highly recommended:

Resistance Bands or Dumbbells

Another thing, each exercise should be done to MAXIMUM REP. Meaning you continue going until you hit failure... No exceptions. If you are using dumbbells or resistance bands, go easy around the level of resistance. Were shooting for high reps today.


Max Workouts ebook - Were going to do that in 3 intervals of two minutes. So 2-2-2. But... The very first 2 minutes is going to be low intensity, followed by medium intensity, then high-intensity.

First 2 minutes: You'll do alternating knee raises. Keep your arms in-front and palms facing down and allow knees show up and touch your hands. One at a time, low intensity, nothing fancy. You need to be in a position to breather normally and converse.

Next 2 minutes: Now would step it. Turn those alternating knee raises into a light jog immediately. These 2 minutes will be medium intensity. How you know its medium intensity happens because you probably should start to have SOME breathlessness.

Last 2 minutes: Let's begin! Let's focus on these 2 minutes you will Take it! Run using the location as soon as it is possible to, without stopping for two minutes straight. Get those knees up as high as you can and be sure you breathe. The litmus test for your intensity? Heavy breathing, sweat, maybe a burning sensation if you are in poor condition... All that good stuff.

Curling Band Squats: (Legs & Arms)

This is a 2-in-1 form of exercise, here's how it is done. You are taking your resistance band and step regarding this with your legs just a little wider than shoulder width apart. Now keep the handles and pull the bands up to shoulder height to ensure you get resistance, then sink down into an in-depth squat and slowly return up. Now do a bicep curl then bring the bands back to shoulder height. That's one rep!

Without bands you can use dumbbells or a backpack filled up with heavy shit. The point is to include some resistance on your body weight.

Hopping Lunges: (Legs)

You should all know such a lunge seems like... Right? Unless you let me explain. Stand with your feet together and a dumbbell in every hand, or strap in your heavy bookbag. Now have a big step forward and make sure your front knee reaches a 90 degree bend, as the back knee gets really close to the floor, but never touches it. Then come back to the starting position and repeat with all the other leg.

BUT WAIT... Which is a lunge. We would like hopping lunges. So as opposed to stepping out, you will jump or "hop" out right into a lunge after which hop BACK. Yeah... You thought you were on easy street huh? Reconsider.

Bicep Curls: (Arms)

These are pretty straight forward. You may use bands, dumbbells or the two handles of the heavy backpack. Stand with shoulder width apart and while maintaining your back straight, relax the body weight and then slowly back into starting position. Ensure that your elbows are stationary near your hips, you need to pullup the body weight using your biceps so don't start swinging those arms around. Ensure that it stays neat, and it clean.

Triceps Kickback: (Arms)

download Max Workouts - Use a bench if you have one... But you have no need for it. It's just for support. OK so come from a lunge position, but ensure that your back leg is straight. Grab your dumbbell or resistance band handle even though keeping your humerus parallel to the floor, extend your arm out backward. If you want to see just what it seems like, enter "tricep kickbacks" into Google Images, and you'll know precisely what it seems like ever since i cannot embed images here.

Pull ups: (Back)

I do not really should explain that one do I? It's a pull up... You pull yourself up. But, there are a few minor details you ought to know of. First, if you cannot do a pull-up, grab a chair and employ it being a support device. You could step on the chair with one leg and push off it to assist you into doing a pull up. This is how a novice should start.

One more thing, make sure your chest touches the pull-up bar when you pull up. Maximum reps... Do it now!

Capoera Pushups: (Chest/Triceps)

This one's just a little tricky so ensure you follow along. First, come from pushup position, making sure that the couch is not sticking up in the environment. You might do these pushups the "female" style since they are quite difficult. So from the pushup position, you are likely to slowly lower yourself in your direction LEFT side unless you are an inch above the ground... now hold!

Next, you may horizontally slide to your right side while staying one inch started... again, HOLD!

Finally, you'll push yourself up returning to starting position. When you can do atleast 5 of those, then pat yourself the back! If not, work at it.


Perform the following exercises one to another. Situps, Leg raises, Crunches, Hip Raises (also referred to as heels towards the heaven) & Mason Twist (or berry picking as known in gymnastics).

REST 2 minutes then repeat entire routine

And there it is, version 2 of my Full Body Max workout. I have been told by some people how the first one made them sweat... Now this you need to make you drenched!

Now remember, one exercise routine is only effective for therefore long. It doesn't matter which routine you follow, eventually your body WILL change and you will hit your face against a metaphorical brick wall (also known as the plateau).