Тест 6кл. Погода

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Task 1.Translate the words

       Winter                                           weather
        Cold                                            snowman
        Snowballs                                       frost
        Snow                                            snowbird

Task 2.Choose the correct response
    A. It is beautiful today.                              a.Yes, it is lovely.
    B. It is terrible.                                     b.Yes, it is beautiful.
    C. It is fine today.                                   c.Yes ,it is awful.
    D. The weather is awful.                               d.Yes , it is wonderful.                          
    E. It is a wonderful day.                              e .Yes,it is terrible.

Task 3.Form adjectives from the following nouns

   Frost                                                    storm
   Cloud                                                    rain
   Fog                                                      snow
   Wind                                                     sun

Task 4. Write down the story «Winter».