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Recently, I had been talking with an atheist concerning the problems which occur when an atheist and a theist get on the topic of the presence of god. He suggested the atheist ought to be prepared for such an encounter. But, I ask why? Why try to reason having a superstitious soul? Nevertheless, the atheist stated he was rather passionate about convincing and converting believers into atheists to be able to maintain the separation of church assuring. Okay so, let's discuss this we could?

Indeed, he may be correct in his thoughts about the separation of church and state - but going around and from one's method to purposefully harass people is what many religious individuals are doing now. Yes, an atheist, at least inside a good many parts of the world, will invariably enter into unanticipated conversations about such things, but perhaps it is best to smile and nod one's head instead of place it onto a chopping block.

Being enthusiastic about one's personal mission is really a noble trait, I do not knock it, however it probably isn't the best way to win friends and influence people in the present period. Further, I personally find arguing or debating this topic to be unenlightening, if a person will claim superstition as fact, there's nowhere to choose it, apart from to leave and never waste anymore time. Why bother, it would be like attempting to convince a Juvenile Chimpanzee he should give up his quest for the next promised banana. You can't convince someone against their will, not a Chimpanzee or any of the other upright walking carbon bi-pedal species.

Do you agree with this video?

For atheists to suggest that people must remove "god" from the pledge of allegiance or remove manger scenes from the parks, or perhaps crosses from the surface of a hill, well that isn't going to win any friends or influence any people either. Atheists cannot get upset with Christians promoting their beliefs and attempt exactly the same sort of strategy to promote their own agenda unless they are doing so in hypocrisy as well as in that situation they aren't fighting the good fight with reason. This by itself defeats the purpose of many atheists to transform Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and other religious folks.